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The No.1 supplier of bespoke front end equipment for hydraulic excavators

3 or 4-piece equipment on a range of base machines weighing from 25 to 45 tons
Working pin heights from 16 to 28 metres
Attachment weights up to 2500 kgs

- All models can incorporate our unique modular joint (for maximum machine versatility) enabling quick changeover between standard backactor and demolition equipment.

Our modular joint also allows you to easily split the machine for reduced transport weights

High Reach Technical Data

Base Machine Weight (Tons) 25-29 29-30 33-36 45-46
Duties (3-Piece Equipment)
Maximum Working Pin Height (m) 16 17 20 26
Maximum Forward Reach (m) 9 10 11 14
Maximum Attachment Weight (including quick-hitch) (kg) 2000 2500 2500 2500
Duties (4-Piece Equipment)
Maximum Working Pin Height (m)       28
Maximum Forward Reach (m)       14
Maximum Attachment Weight (including quick-hitch) (kg)       2200


Standard scope of supply will consist of:

  • Modification to existing standard boom to include modular joint.
  • New boom, dipper and intermediate dipper fabrications utilising existing boom hoist rams.
  • Rams for above equipment.
  • Steel and flexible pipework.
  • Additional counterweight.
  • Special bucket ram (including ram guard) and bucket linkage.
  • Tilting Cab.
  • High visibility cab modification including high visibility cab guard.
  • Rangemaster warning alarm.
  • Heavy duty belly plates.
  • SIPS.
  • Toolbox.
  • Storage cradle for demolition & standard equipments.
  • CE marked.
  • Shotblast and paint to suit donor machine.


These details are for guidance only. Kocurek pride themselves on the ability to develop bespoke solutions to meet individual customers’ requirements.

Working envelope shown is a general representation and will vary with machine and attachment size.

Typical 16m 3 Piece High Reach Demolition

Typical 17m 3 Piece High Reach Demolition

Typical 20m 3 Piece High Reach Demolition