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Kocurek manufactures three-piece Telescopic equipments

- 3-piece equipment incorporating 1, 2 or 3 stage telescoping boom (depending base machine size)

- Base machine weights from 65 to 120 tons

- Working pin heights from 34 to 64 metres

- Attachment weights up to 3,500 kgs

One of the hardest tasks for a base machine with demolition equipment fitted is to lift the equipment (and its attachment) from ground level into its working position. The dictating factor to do this efficiently is the power in the boom hoist cylinders which is why we at Kocurek have adopted a unique telescopic boom feature that brings the centre of gravity more into the machine. You cannot safely get a standard 3-piece x 40m equipment in the air with 360 degree working area using a standard 80 ton base machine.

- All models incorporate our unique modular joint enabling quick changeover between standard backactor and demolition equipment - even on the 120 ton base machine we estimate you will change equipments in well under 90 minutes.

- Our modular joint also allows you to easily split the machine for reduced transport weights

Kocurek pride themselves on the ability to develop bespoke solutions to meet individual customers requirements.